1. Career :
A vision in shaping the self driven transportation industry in India, Eduxon cabs is Odisha’s no. 1 personal ground transportation service provider today offering a complete bouquet of end-to-end long and short term car rental solutions through its fleet of wide range of cars across Odisha.
Eduxoncabs was launched in the year 2016 with a short-term objective of offering a safe and reliable medium of travel to customers and a long-term vision of giving form and structure to the unorganized Indian personal self driven transportation industry and helping the industry get its due recognition. the branding of Eduxon Cabs signifies the fact that Self driven Transportation is the “Core” business of Eduxon . Eduxon is an organized business.Ensuring passenger comfort to the minutest detail, Eduxon cabs has pulled out all stops, from bringing in the latest technology to setting up24×7 customer support centers;to introducing customized solutions for all customer segments, the company has focused all efforts towards organizing the largely unorganized Indian personal self driven transportation industry.
We have the keys for you to unlock happiness as you drive away with your loved ones. Choose from more than 40+ car models and rent by the hour, day, week, or month. Find us in your neighborhood with our fleet spread over in Odisha. So whenever you find the roads calling, Eduxon will always be near with 50+ pick-up locations. Ready to drive yourself to your next adventure in a Eduxon cabs.
2. Investment Opportunities : The Owners Passion Lounge is the in-house finance solution of the Eduxon Cars For the Public.
2.1 : You invest in vehicles of the Eduxon Group in Odisha,Chattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka. Eduxon Cars operates the vehicles for rent over an agreed period. You get an attractive interest rate depending on the investment solution, and also benefit from a new membership discount and other goodies on all rental vehicles of the Eduxon.
Eduxon offers you several securities on the respective vehicles. Through these security aspects, you as an investor have almost 100% control of your capital.
Eduxon Cars is looking after the maintenance of the vehicles, the insurance, the car rentals and after the end of the term of the contract also the sale and the repayment of the investment to the investors.
For further information about our investement opportunity in Odisha,Chattisgarh,Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka, please contact CEO of the Eduxon group at hello@eduxoncabs.com.