Self-Drive Cars in bhubaneswar

We have to lease a car more often than not for a few reasons. The decision of leasing a car has extended with the self drive option. This is extremely agreeable and financially savvy. You get the flexibility to plan your journey. If you've got to get a group of people from one place to the other, or are moving and need a way to transport your possessions, a Self Drive Car Hire maybe just what you are looking for. Having everyone under the same vehicle roof can create a real sense of team, and make a trip more economical. It is also surprising just how much can be fit inside a car when moving belongings to a new home or business.

There were only few service providers earlier, but now choices are many. Therefore, it becomes important to make a good selection of the company. The market has become competitive due to the presence of so many companies. Everybody would like to draw your attention with lucrative offers and promotions, however, not necessarily to facilitate them. Some companies cut the prices beyond the regular rates, but providing a reliable and safe vehicle is also important.

Things you must look for:

Most of the good companies have their website. Try to find most information from the website of the company before approaching them. Apart from fair pricing, here are some things that you must check.

Choice of Cars:

The car company should have good variety and models of several brands of cars. This will help you to choose a car according to your need. Some companies try to stick you with expensive cars they have. Do not rent a sedan or SUV, if a compact car will do the job. The brands of cars are also important determinants.

Insurance Coverage

You must check, whether their vehicles are covered by insurance. If the vehicle is not covered by insurance, this can attract penalty when caught by traffic inspector. The car should also be protected by breakdown insurance and accident insurance. This is very important both in case of self drive as well as in case of chauffeur service. Take a car with insurance coverage.

Fuel Usage

Check the fuel tank before taking the car. Some cars have the tank completely filled, while some have partially filled. Return the car with the same amount of fuel, so that the company do not add extra charges.

Liability Clause

It is important to check who will be liable, if something happens to the car during the service period. If all the liabilities are with you, it is advisable to rent car from a different company. Read the terms and conditions carefully.

Read Customer Review

Always go through some customer review to get a fair idea about the service provider. You can see the ratings and the remarks given before going for the service. You can refer to some good online customer review sites for more help. If you take care of the above aspects, you can find a better service provider. This will also help you save money spent on your travel. You will not only remain stress free, but also enjoy your journey. If you are hiring a car in Bhubaneswar it is important to always lock your doors at the traffic lights, or when you leave your car alone at night. Try to avoid parking in deserted areas and do not leave any valuables in the car. Bhubaneswar has a strict rule about drinking and driving, drivers drive on the left hand side of the road, and there is no cell phone use whilst driving. Plot your route before hand and make sure you have all the necessary maps and driving instructions on hand. is one of the best car rental agencies in Bhubaneswar. We provide the best self drive cars in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. Please visit our website to find the service of your need at the most reasonable prices.